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LONESOME DOVE VILLAGE represents the centerpiece of our ranch and outdoor experience, with accommodations and representations of the Old West. These Shops and buildings are used as guest rooms for small corporate meetings, retreats, specialized groups, etc. Day tours of village and guided tours of ranch are conducted for groups – historical and agritours highlighting early Texas living.

Hunting and fishing is only part of the unique High Lonesome Ranch story. All guests stay in our Lonesome Dove Village. Specially designed, built and furnished to recreate the Western setting of early frontier days, Lonesome Dove Village will provide the very comfortable, well appointed guest accommodations and hearty meals you’ll want after a full day. Check out more details on the Longhorn Café Dining Room, Red Horse Saloon, Town Theater, Pool and Guest Rooms on the Lonesome Dove Village website!

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Sleeping Facilities

With its authentic furnishings and antique artifacts, Lonesome Dove Village incorporates our outstanding recreation, dining, meeting and sleeping facilities within our “town” Saloon, Movie House, Barber Shop, Post Office, General Store, School House, Sheriff’s Office, Chapel, Hotel, Boot & Hat Shop, Saddle Shop, Wells Fargo Express Office and even a Jail! and Chapel! We have personally dedicated years of detailed attention to the design and completion of Lonesome Dove Village… just to be sure you are totally delighted with your time on our Ranch!

Guest Rooms – 16 rooms in village situated in village shops and buildings, decorated with appropriate antiques.

  • Hotel
  • School House
  • Wells Fargo Express Office
  • Post Office
  • General Store
  • Jail
  • Boot & Hat Shop
  • Saddle Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Saloon
  • Livery Stable
  • Church
  • Emporium
  • Pool

While the hunting and fishing at High Lonesome Ranch are sure to make for a full day, we pride ourselves in providing you a completely comfortable and entertaining visit with us through the outstanding and very unique Dining and Recreation facilities within the High Lonesome Village.

High Lonesome Ranch Hotel
Lonesome Dove Hotel

High Lonesome Ranch School

High Lonesome Ranch Well Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo & Co's Express

High Lonesome Ranch Post Office
U.S. Post Office

High Lonesome Ranch Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Office

High Lonesome Ranch Boot & Hat Shop
Boots and Hats

High Lonesome Ranch Saddle Shop
Saddle Shop

High Lonesome Ranch Lonesome Cafe
Longhorn Café

High Lonesome Ranch Red Horse Saloon
Red Horse Saloon

High Lonesome Ranch Livery Stable
Livery Stable

High Lonesome Ranch Church

High Lonesome Ranch Emporium

High Lonesome Ranch Pool


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Corporate Outings

great team-builder or just to unwind

High Lonesome Ranch is THE ideal spot for your Corporate outing or remote meeting. Call us for details and we'll be glad to design a custom package that perfectly meets your needs!

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  • Address: High Lonesome Ranch, McMullen County, South Texas
  • Business Mailing Adress:
    High Lonesome Ranch, 316 Happy Trail, San Antonio, Texas 78231
  • Phone: 210.492.1216
  • Email: highlonesomeranc@aol.com
High Lonesome Bat Cave
Bat Cave

Check out our bat cave!

High Lonesome Tours

“People Mover” Tram

Seats approx. 35-40 persons for ranch tours

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